Chapter 7

Chapter 7 exists to relieve and discharge individuals and/or families from the unsecured debt obligations which they can no longer manage. Some of the main attributes of Chapter 7 are:

Peace of Mind
(Automatic Stay of All Debt Collection)

The filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case will give you and your family peace of mind. Upon the filing of the bankruptcy case, the Bankruptcy Court will enter an Automatic Stay Order that stays (STOPS), automatically, all debt collection activities against you and your property. This means that creditors cannot continue to call or visit you. Any scheduled court hearings are automatically paralyzed. Any pending repossession orders must be cancelled. The filing of a bankruptcy case will give you and your family, peace of mind.
The Automatic Stay stops, amongst others, the following debt collection activities:
-Wage Garnishments
-Summonses to Court
-Vehicle Repossessions
-Orders of Attachment and/or Garnishment
-Debt Collection Calls and/or debt collection letters

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Debt Freedom
(Debt Relief)

The filing of a Chapter 7 case will give you and your family debt freedom. Upon the completion of a successful Chapter 7 case all unsecured debt, in most cases, will be discharged (i.e., eliminated) for now and forever. This means that debts related to: (a) Credit cards; (b) Personal loans; (c) Medical Bills; and (d) Collection Agency Claims will, in most cases, be eliminated.

Debts eliminated in a Chapter 7 case are eliminated for now and forever. Accordingly, you and your family will have achieved debt freedom.

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Protection of My House And Car?

At the Batista Law Group, we take pride in our fierce defence of your primary residence and autos.

The Bankruptcy Code allows people to protect and retain (i.e., exempt from the bankruptcy process) those properties and assets which are necessary for their daily livelihood. To retain your house and vehicles you must continue to make payments on their respective loans.

In most cases, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case is filed to obtain peace of mind and debt relief from credit card and personal loan debts. This while the client retains their primary residence and their vehicles by continuing to make payments on the home mortgage and vehicle loans.

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Fast Process

One of the main benefits of Chapter 7 is that the process is relative fast and not intrusive. From beginning to its end, most Chapter 7 cases last approximately 100-days; or 3 and ½ months. In most cases, the client’s involvement is limited to a 15 -minute meeting (the 341 Meeting of Creditors) and the client will never have to visit the court or see the Bankruptcy Judge.

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New Beginnings After Chapter 7
(Regain Your Credit)

In most case, Chapter 7 helps individuals clean up their credit history and regain their creditworthiness. With a Chapter 7 you can start rebuilding your credit in as little as 100 days. The successful completion of a Chapter 7 case, in most cases, will eliminate your credit card and personal loan debts allowing you to clear your credit of previously not performing debts. In as little as 100 days your credit report will reflect a $0.00 balance next to your now existing debt accounts. After reducing your existing balances to $0.00; you can immediately start to rebuild your credit history and credit life.

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