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In the area of consumer protection, the attorneys at The Batista Law Group, have filed cases to protect consumers from wrongful and deceitful collection practices in hundreds of consumer protection cases. To remedy the financial injuries caused by creditors, banks, lender, and debt collectors, the attorneys at The Batista Law Group file suits, on behalf of individuals or on a Class Basis, under the Federal Debt Practices Collection Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Truth in Lending Act, the Telephone Communication Protection Act, the Electronic Funds Act, amongst others.

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Are you getting harassing phone calls or too many phone calls about your debts? Are debt collectors making outrageous comments or making false threats? Do the debt collectors keep calling or visiting your workplace, neighbors, or relatives after you have asked them to stop?

The attorneys at The Batista Law Group protect consumers and their vehicles from wrongful repossessions and obtain compensation when consumer are harmed by wrongful repossession efforts and/or wrongful repossession threats. Unfortunately, wrongful repossessions occur all too often in Puerto Rico.

The credit report attorneys at The Batista Law Group litigate Fair Credit Reporting Act cases in Puerto Rico and across the country to protect consumers against violations of their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The Puerto Rico Debt Collection Harassment Attorneys at The Batista Law Group may help you utilize a federal law – the Holder Rule – to solve the debt collection problem which continues after the defective product or service purchase.

If you are considering purchasing a car, it is important to educate yourself on smart car purchasing before you buy. At The Batista Law Group we meet many clients who have been defrauded by car dealers, banks, and lending companies.

If you have outstanding personal loan debt, credit card debt, charged off auto loans, or even student loans your creditors, their debt collection agencies or their attorneys may be contacting you by phone call or text message regarding those debts.

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